Bear Redux

I took the dogs for a walk in the woods and ran into (almost literally) the bear I had just finished writing about in my previous post. At least I think it was the same bear. It appeared to be as big as the one Jen watched bang up our chicken feeder.

As the dogs took off after it, I remained where I was and watched the bear gallop in big wide turning arcs. It was moving fast, living proof, I guess, that they are capable of short bursts of speed. Maggie and Tessie, who are 5-year old lab mixes in incredible shape, kept their distance and were running no where near as fast as they could. As I was taking this all in and deciding whether or not I should run away(never turn and run from a bear, a voice said) the bear made another wide turn and was headed straight for me. Damn those dogs, I thought. They are going to get me killed. The only thing I could think to do was duck behind a tree, but that was scary too because I could not see the bear until it passed me – about 5 feet away – and then scampered up a tree. This all happened in about 20 seconds, but it plays out in my mind in slow motion, kind of like what you see in a movie dream sequence.

p.s. After a slow start, Jen and I are geared up to get this blog going. We hope to make it entertaining, educational, and a fun place to visit every once in a while. Jen’s in the kitchen as I write this making a soft herbed goat cheese from this week’s milk and herbs from our land. She’ll share how she makes the cheese and the herbs she uses soon. Even if you don’t have access to fresh goats’ milk, you’ll be able to use her recipe for herbing store bought chevre.

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