Violet Oil is Back in Stock!

[update 3/1/12: We no longer sell violet oil. This page gets a lot of “hits” from people searching for violet oil, so I thought I’d update it. Sorry I don’t have any recommendations for other sources of violet oil.]

With the dry weather so far this summer, harvesting violet leaves from our woods has been virtually a bug-free experience. Now that we got the bulk of the harvest in though, we could use a little rain.


Wild violet leaves and blossoms harvested fresh from our woods are infused in Greek extra-virgin olive oil to create a wonderfully nourishing massage oil.

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14 Responses to Violet Oil is Back in Stock!

  1. norma matsuoka says:

    I am interested in your violet oil, how much is it,whatsize? how pure is it?
    thank you……aloha, norma

    will it help relieve grand daughter’s eczema?

  2. Hi Norma,
    You can find more information about violet oil on our website:

    To make the violet oil, we steep violet leaves and flowers in olive oil, then strain the herbal material to produce a gentle herbal oil for external use. Our violet infused oil is very different from either Fragrance oils or Essential oils.

    Fragrance or perfume oils are largely synthetic. Violet essential oil can be hard to find and is extracted with solvents and often diluted with carrier oils.

    As for your granddaughter’s eczema, as you probably know eczema can prove to be a stubborn condition to treat. I could not say whether one topical oil would relieve her skin irritation. Often this type of skin irritation requires a multi-faceted approach.

    I can say that our violet oil is a very gentle, cooling skin oil that would be safe to try. I would start with the smallest bottle to see if it helps your granddaughter.

    You can email me directly if you have further questions about using violet oil.


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  4. Dana Jones says:

    I have been having troubles with cysts on my ovaries occasionally and now seem to have one in my right breast. I have a wonderful book written by Judith Berger called “Herbal Rituals” that recomends Violet oil for helping to dissolve them. Unfortunately, I can’t seem to find any locally, and have not had the opportunity to try to find a local source of the right type of Violets to try to make it myself. Do you have a recommendation? Or perhaps any insight? Thank you for your time and beautiful website.

  5. Hi Dana,

    I don’t know what part of the country you’re writing from, but violets grow just about everywhere they can get shade and moisture. They are abundant here even in New Mexico in the mountains. They are also very easy to grow if you have a shady area in your backyard. You can use the common Johnny Jump Ups (viola tricolor aka heartsease pansy) or the many varieties of wild violets. Though if you choose to wildcraft, be sure about proper identification and only harvest plants that have the blossoms just to be sure. There are several plants whose leaves resemble violet.

    I don’t know of anyone who sells fresh violet leaves or even dried. Violets are very labor intensive to harvest enough for commercial sale. I would imagine that any violets offered for sale commercially would not be from this country. Try contacting the larger herb distributors Mountain Rose Herbs or Pacific Botanicals. Healing Spirits Herb Farm is a family run herb farm in the northeast and Under the Yew Botanicals is in Oregon. You may want to try all these sources if you can’t locate violets in your community.

    I enjoy Judith Berger’s Herbal Rituals as well –such a lovely book. Another book that may be helpful is Deb Soule’s book, A Woman’s Book of Herbs: The Healing Power of Natural Remedies. It has a section on cysts and may be of interest to you. However, beware the publishers did a less than impressive job with their indexing. The section on cysts starts on page 201 (of my copy).

    I hope this information helps. Good luck in your search for violet. She is a lovely plant!


  6. Wendy says:

    Hello, I was wondering if violet oil is safe to use during pregnancy? I had some breast cysts before I got pregnant and was just curious if I could use this oil?

  7. According to the Botanical Safety Handbook, violets are a class 1 herb which “can be safely consumed when used appropriately.”

    Since the oil is very gentle and would be used externally, I have no information to indicate contraindication during pregnancy. – Jen

  8. Dead Girl says:

    Do you have violet Oil this year?

  9. It’s not ready yet. We’re just harvesting the leaves. Check back in a month. Thanks for stopping by. – Jen

  10. fathia says:

    i need organic violet oil

  11. Andy Musetto says:

    can I purchase your violet oit? I did not see it listed for sale. Thanks

  12. Hi Andy, We are discontinuing violet oil. Thanks for your interest. Jen

  13. Trish says:

    Iam wanting violet oil to flavor food, is it available? thanku!

  14. We no longer sell violet oil.

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