La Plazita Institute

In an earlier post we briefly mentioned La Plazita Institute and our participation in its community garden project called Sanchez Farm. A recent article in The Alibi talks more about this project and gives a good overview of what La Plazita is trying to accomplish with the South Valley youth.

From the article:

Word has spread about Garcia’s success with at-risk youth, and last spring semester, he was asked by then Principal—now APS Superintendent—Linda Sink to open an office at Albuquerque High School. In addition to this office, the café and headquarters, La Plazita has a rather unlikely “campus” at Sanchez Farm in the Armijo neighborhood. There, T-MAC members weed the soil and plant corn, squash, beans, tomatoes and herbs. Overlooking the farm, like a group of leafy grandmothers, stands a grove of cottonwood trees, a big stone for a picnic table and a fire circle. The cottonwood grove is a gathering place for T-MAC youth and community members. Sometimes “curanderos,” traditional healers, visit from across the continent or Aztec dancers come to perform.

Read the rest here.

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