Healing Magic: A Green Witch Guidebook

Healing Magic BookHere’s a review of Robin Rose Bennett’s Healing Magic: A Green Witch Guidebook that I originally wrote for the Journal of the Northeast Herbal Association back in 2004. -Jen

There is a scene in Michael Moore’s film, Farenheit 9/11, where several Representatives go before Congress to protest the acceptance of the 2000 electoral vote. Their courage in speaking their truth even without the needed support of a single Senator brought tears to my eyes. I thought of how this courage and strength to “stand in your own power” and honor your intentions is such a vital part of being an authentic human being.

Healing Magic: A Green Witch Guidebook by Robin Rose Bennett invites you to develop your intuition, to live magically with abundance of nature, working with herbs, trees, ritual and spells. At its essence, however, it is a book about becoming who you fully and truly are. It might seem odd to open a book review on magical healing with a political documentary, but if I learned anything when I apprenticed with Robin it was that living your truth means not just walking your walk at the Women’s Herbal Conference or Women Gathering but letting your spirit shine through in all areas of your life.Robin has been practicing Earth Spirit healing, herbalism and Wise Woman ways for twenty years and is an incredibly gifted spiritual teacher, healer and ceremonialist.Robin’s powerful teachings come to the reader through a personal writing style that is immediately engaging, sharing practical wisdom through anecdote and example.

Whether guiding you through the Chakras or sharing a song about the moon, spirit permeates this inspiring and empowering book. Although I am familiar with Robin’s skill as a writer, I was surprised at how magical a connection I felt just from reading Healing Magic. Robin’s vivid and often very personal stories are captivating from the start. One story about an encounter Robin and a group of women had with a bear illuminated both the possibility of magic and the forgiveness we must have when we don’t live up to our expectations.

What I was hoping and glad to find in Healing Magic was the book I always wanted after the end of a weekend or a ritual with Robin -a recapturing of the inspiring magic that we created. Healing Magic is filled with simple and beautiful practices or exercises in ritual to bring yourself closer to Mother Earth and all her relations. For example, in the section on “Moon Magic and Women’s Wisdom” Robin encourages us to practice the delightful ritual of bathing in moonlight to bring us closer to lunar rhythms. What a magical way to slow down and connect with the rhythms of life.

Healing Magic will be a inspiring resource for both the experienced Green Witch, the non-denominational spiritualist and those who simply wish to awaken to the magic that already exists all around us. As Robin writes in the chapter on Engaging Mystery “you can limit your perception, but not life itself.” This book will give you tools to experience your life more fully. It is also structured to clearly introduce a novice to these practices and to be used easily as a reference guide. Sections include: Reconnecting with the Earth, Engaging Mystery, Herbal Magic, The Medicine Wheel of Magic, Spells, and Rituals. Each section contains Robin’s teachings, stories and many spells, rituals, songs and practices to begin “cultivating our physical and magical senses.” Where appropriate, Robin shares many sources to further expand your knowledge. Make no mistake. This is not just another book on spellcraft. Healing Magic fills a need on the bookshelf, going beyond trendy broomstick guides to address the need for deep healing that comes from the full expression of our true selves through ritual connection to the natural world. A beautifully designed trade paperback. Healing Magic is the perfect book to cozy up to this winter in front of a blazing fire, sipping a cup of magical black birch tea. It is with pleasure that I heartily recommend Healing Magic and eagerly await Robin’s next literary adventure. Magic is afoot! •

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