Mmmm…. Alfalfa

Contrary to popular opinion goats do not eat just anything. Yes, they can be impish and grab a piece of paper out of your hand and start to chew it up, but when it comes to the food they ingest for nourishment they are fastidious, choosing only those hays and forages which give them the nutrients they need. We learned this quickly living in New York as we watched in dismay as they rooted through a clip of hay for that choice piece of timothy while a large pile of rejected grasses accumulated below the feeder.

Now that we are in New Mexico the goats are eating alfalfa-grass mix grown right down the road from us in the South Valley and are no longer as wasteful because they LOVE it. The three of them look great and their milk production is on the mark.


Desi with a mouthful of the good stuff.

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