New Chicks on the Farm

No matter how many times we have witnessed the hatching of new chicks, Jen and I still get mesmerized by the process and spend hours watching mama hen with her new brood. Debbie, named after Jen’s aunt and one of three Buff Orpingtons we recently added to our flock, turned out to be broody. She has spent the past 21 days sitting on a clutch of 6 eggs which we marked in case she tried to sneak a couple of the other hens’ eggs beneath her. (Broodiness – the instinct to sit on a clutch of eggs and hatch out chicks – has been bred out of most hens kept for egg production as they don’t lay when sitting or mothering).

Two chicks hatched yesterday, 2 some time over last evening. The remaining 2 may have hatched or are in the process of pecking their way out of their shells as I write this post. Below are a couple of photos and a video of Mama teaching her babies how to drink water.

Baby chicks nestled under mama\'s wing

Baby chick and mama

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