Back from the East Coast…

I’ve haven’t blogged in a while because I spent most of June at my folks place in New Jersey helping them purge their belongings in preparation for a move to a more manageable dwelling. (It’s amazing what you can sell on Ebay!) Jen’s been holding the homestead steady, taking care of the animals, filling orders and sheet mulching new garden beds which will be ready for planting next spring.

I have a huge family on my mother’s side and I saw quite a few of my aunts, uncles and cousins during my visit. My cousin Elizabeth runs the Honey Suckle Cafe, a seasonal breakfast and lunch stand that is located right on the boardwalk on the northern end of Bradley Beach with a beautiful view of the ocean. I had a wonderful breakfast there one morning which made me miss the Italian bakeries of the East Coast. Elizabeth, whose cafe is known for that extra special touch, stops at Del Ponte’s Bakery every morning and picks up freshly baked hard rolls and pastries that are incredibly delicious. In fact, on my way back to my parents’ place, I stopped there myself and loaded up on a bunch including my favorite Sfogliatelle. -Tree

Elizabeth, owner of Honey Suckle Cafe

Cousin Elizabeth, owner of Honey Suckle Cafe

Cousin Elizabeth

Cousin Elizabeth

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2 Responses to Back from the East Coast…

  1. John Dempsey says:

    Hi, She’s my cousin too on her mother’s side. Her late Grandmother was my Great Aunt. I was lookin up info on the cafe’ real quick and it brought me to this blogsite. Nice. I’m gonna grab some breakfast there tomorrow, weather permitting. I also thought it was interesting that you posted this on my wedding day, two hours before my I do’s. Anyway have a great summer! Tah Tah for now.

  2. Well then we must be related. Liz’s mother Susan is my first cousin. Susan’s grandmother Mary – who you say was your Great Aunt – was my grandmother as well. Who was your Great Aunt?

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