Moon and Stars

We planted several varieties of watermelons this summer, but only our Moon and Stars sized up enough before frost.

We’ve been saving seeds of this heirloom open-pollinated variety for years, bringing them with us to New Mexico from New York. Moon and Stars has a beautiful dark green rind speckled with deep yellow splotches. The flesh is bright red, juicy, sweet and, yes, full of seeds (easy to spit).

The melon grew better here than in our cool Catskills garden. It must like the heat and intense sun. It was a vigorous vine despite my erratic watering (we’ve since installed drip!) and unamended soil. -Jen

Moon and Stars

Moon and Stars

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1 Response to Moon and Stars

  1. LEX says:

    I love the name Moon and Stars. If I ever have twins those will be their names. Thanks!

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