Hummingbird Babies

When I moved from the wilds of New York to New Mexico’s high desert, I worried that I would not have the abundance of birds we had in our gardens. Silly me times ten! It is now the end of November and although the hummingbirds have made their way south, there are still many a feathered friend to keep me company.

This summer, whenever I would go sit out on the front porch a hummingbird would whiz by and periodically come back to check on me. It finally got through my thick head that she must be building a nest in the large juniper tree at the corner of the porch. I went inside and spied on her through the window. Sure enough, she was building a nest. She never let me get too close, but I managed to snap some neat pictures while she was away, and I took a video of her settling into her nest. They settle like hovercraft. I know, I’m disturbing wildlife here, but come on, hummingbird babies! After I got a photo of the babies, I stopped stalking them. I didn’t even see the babies fly away. -Jen

Hummingbird nest next to my thumb for scale

Hummingbird nest next to my thumb for scale

Hummingbird Eggs

Nest with eggs

Hatched Hummingbirds

Babies! Just hatched.

This is a movie of mama flying in and settling on her eggs. She wouldn’t let me get very close.

N.B. in the video Tree calling out from the background “nutmeg chicken!” – an experiment with a recipe gone bad. The goal was jerk chicken but the result was…. nutmeg chicken!

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1 Response to Hummingbird Babies

  1. LEX says:

    So cool! I’m going to search my tree’s next spring for hummynests and baby birdie eggs….I know I got some somewhere.

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