How to Deal With A Stubbornly Broody Hen

We’ve had it with Crazy. She went broody three times over the summer. We let her hatch and raise the first two clutches, but broke her of the last spell which was peculiar to begin with. Instead of building a clutch of eggs she just sat in the nesting box for hours on end. I’d pull her out each morning and place her on the ground. She’d hiss at me (the best way to describe her angry vampire-like protests) and then flare out her wings and run like a nut to the feeder.

Two weeks ago she went broody again! In the middle of winter!! Rather than put her in the stew pot, we decided to purchase six 5-day old chicks from the feed store and stick them under her just as it was getting dark. We were prepared to raise the chicks ourselves if she rejected them, but no need. She immediately got that dopey new mother look on her face and began softly to coo to them.

Here are two photos taken this afternoon. There are 2 black sex links, 2 red sex links and 2 aracunas. We wanted to get some barred rocks, but the ones available were already three weeks old. Next time… -Tree

Crazy and her store bought chicks

Crazy and her store bought chicks

Walking around the chicken yard

Taking a walk with mama

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3 Responses to How to Deal With A Stubbornly Broody Hen

  1. Amber says:

    I’m fairly new to the chicken world. We’ve had our small flock for almost a year now. We’ve really enjoyed them! I’ve just placed an order for Murray mcmurray to arrive in a few weeks! Yay! This time I got a cuckoo maran rooster as well as two cuckoo hens. But I’m not sure what to do next!! Assuming they lay fertilized eggs, should I let the cuckoos sit on the. And hatch them? I have a VERY broody buff orpington that I’m certain will make an awesome mommy too!

  2. You can let the buff hatch out the eggs, just make sure to mark the eggs you want her to hatch and remove any of the other eggs unless you want buff/maran crosses! Have fun!

  3. Amber says:

    Thx! Can’t wait to give it a go! Don’t punting I’ll be able to easily tell the difference between the maran and buff eggs. Hoping that my maran will infaxt lay the darker eggs. But my marans are coming from mcmurry. Not sure how well they’re bred. Can the darker eggs be candled?

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