Garlic Harvest

Here are some photos are our first garlic harvest of the season. This is a softneck garlic variety called Inchelium Red. We purchased beautiful seed stock from Jesse Daves of Amyo Farms here in New Mexico and were rewarded with gorgeous large bulbs. Note the garlic leaves are quite brown. For braiding, it would have been better to harvest the garlic several weeks ago when there are at least four green leaves left, but life gets in the way, and the garlic is still delicious. It just won’t braid as nicely.

Next week we will start harvesting the hardneck garlic varieties from seed stock we brought from New York. We didn’t manage to save very much seed stock from last year since most of the garlic was covered with a dumptruck load of compost at the community farm where we were growing. We will keep all of our hardneck varieties for replanting this year. If you have room to plant garlic in your garden, buy your seed stock now at your local farmers’ market. Store it in a cool, dry place until late September or October (depending on your climate). Plant the individual cloves and enjoy your harvest the following June or July. Hardneck varieties are generally harvested later than the softneck. If you’re not sure which type you have, the hardneck will grow a scape with a bulbil at the top. The softneck won’t have the scape. – Jen

Jen hangs the garlic to cure under our front porch.

Jen hangs the garlic to cure under our front porch.

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