Looking Back and Giving Thanks

2009 was the first year since moving to New Mexico in late 2007 that we had abundantly producing gardens. It was a joy to have vegetables, fruits and herbs from the garden again. The grocery store just can’t compete with freshly harvested food.

2009 was a busy year. We put in perennial herbs and flowers, shrubs and fruit trees, started our bamboo experiment, completed planning the layout of our urban homestead, raised a few pigs, and dug a lot of new garden beds. Jen also taught many classes on herbs and urban homesteading here and at other venues in Albuqueruqe, and we roamed around the mountains of New Mexico, getting to know our  new home a little better.

In 2010 we will continue to implement our design, putting in more gardens, digging out more bermuda grass, planting more trees, and, hopefully, we will add bees to our menagerie.

Here’s hoping your year was rich and full with all the blessings that life has to offer. Enjoy the following photo journal of 2009 at the farm.

Wishing you much health and happiness in 2010,
Jen + Tree

The beets were beautiful this year. They love our sandy soil!

Applepalooza! I have no idea what kind of apple tree this is. Probably a gala or other modern red apple.

A few lucky Maran chickens had the fun job of transforming our grass lawn into new gardens.

Quan Yin watches over the sages, sedums and penstemons.

Sage is one of my favorite medicinal herbs. Here is a row of sage started from seed waiting to be transplanted to their permanent home.

We grew a lot of squash and sunflowers. Here are some Queensland blue and butternut squash curing on our front porch.

All in a day's play. A table full of apples, chile, tomatoes, squash, cucumbers....

Wild carrot going to seed.

We planted seeds of kale, collards and chard for fall and winter harvest in late August and early September. There's nothing better than kale and collards after a frost. So sweet!

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1 Response to Looking Back and Giving Thanks

  1. Marykate says:

    Greetings! What a beautiful bountiful farm you have! I’m your new neighbor in the south valley, I’m an apprentice at Trinity House Catholic Worker on Five Points rd. I’m between farming internships for the winter, and was wondering if you’d like some free labor at your farm sometime? Let me know! my email is marykateglenn at yahoo dot com.

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