Farmer Protection Act -Action Needed in New Mexico to Protect Farmers from GE Crop Contamination

Thank you to everyone who called your senator. The Farmer Protection Act was tabled for this legislative session. BUT we still need your help! I’ve copied an email from Miguel Santistevan who worked diligently with many others to get this bill heard. Join the new FP Act list serve so that you can stay informed and keep GE crops out of New Mexico (as much as we can!). There is also a link to listen to the discussion about the Farmer Protection Act. Thank you!!! Jen

Here is the link so your readers can listen to the committee meeting themselves:

Hello everyone…

Thanks to all of you who made phone calls and wrote emails for SB 303. A huge thank you to those who showed up at the last minute to help us pack the committee meeting on Sunday, February 14!

As you may have heard, the Farmer Protection Act was tabled and thus will not pass this session.

Senators B. Sanchez (who sponsored GE chile in 2008) and Ulibarri offered the greatest resistance. Surprisingly, Senator Phil Griego offered no support, even claiming he ‘forgot’ that it was heard in the Water and Natural Resources Committee in December. Senators Martinez and Fischmann came out in strong support of the Act and all the people who showed up to the hearing, they need to be thanked! PLEASE CALL AND THANK MARTINEZ AND FISCHMANN, we will need their support and maybe sponsorship for next time around!!! Senator Sharer offered the alternate motion to table after Fischmann motioned a ‘do pass’ with Martinez’ second. Senator Ryan was expressing support before the Committee meeting but went back on his word in the discussion and vote in the committee, saying he doesn’t understand why farmers wouldn’t fight a frivolous lawsuit, that he would ‘lose his left eye’ before he would concede to an investigation or lawsuit from Biotech… Hmmmm, I wonder how Ryan looks with an eyepatch? TELL RYAN YOU ARE DISAPPOINTED IN HIS LACK OF SUPPORT FOR FARMERS!!! Senator Harden was also in opposition to the Act, voting to table it… Another observation: There were only 3 Biotech lobbyists there who got all the time in the world for their weak arguments while the room was packed with farmers, only of which 5 got to speak, and briefly. Mike Reed and I were the experts for the sponsor, we didn’t get to say even one word… Ahh, democracy at work, they can put us off (for now), but they won’t put us away!!!

Please contact the Senators and thank Martinez and Fischmann, tell the others you are disappointed in their lack of support…

Bernadette Sanchez, Chair 505-986-4267
David Ulibarri, Vice Chair 505-986-4265
Richard Martinez 505-986-4389
Phil Griego 505-986-4861
William Sharer 505-986-4381
Stephen Fischmann 505-986-4377
Clinton Harden 505-986-4369
John Ryan 505-986-4373

We are starting a ‘Farmer Protection Coalition’ list serve, please send me your name, email, and phone number if you would like to be added to the list. We will be organizing to interface with the Interim committee meetings and getting lined up for the 2011 Legislature to pass the Farmer Protection Act!

Thanks again for all your support, action, and intention…


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2 Responses to Farmer Protection Act -Action Needed in New Mexico to Protect Farmers from GE Crop Contamination

  1. Rebecca Belletto says:

    Thanks for this! Would you please post Miguel’s contact information so I can add my contact information to the list serve?

  2. Woops! Contact info would help, eh?

    Miguel’s email is solfelizfarm A T g m a i l


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