Starting Sweet Potato Slips

Last week I started sweet potato slips for planting out later this spring. It can take several months to get an abundance of healthy slips so I like to start this project in February.  It’s super easy. Just get an organic sweet potato in good shape -no spots starting to wrinkle or mold spots. I bought three Jewel sweet potatoes at our local Coop.

Here are three beautiful sweet potatoes. Not the most perfect of specimens, but they were the best available.

I put the potatoes into pint sized jelly jars (they were smallish potatoes), and filled the jars a third of the way full with water. Another method is to stick toothpicks around the potato and let the potato rest in the jar supported by the toothpicks. Fill the jar with water until a third to half of the potato is covered.

Two potatoes I just placed in the jar. The third I used the toothpick method.

Place the jars in a warm sunny window. I don’t have a really sunny window because of our covered porches, but I put them in a western window which will be the brightest and warmest spot in the house. When the tubers grow sprouts about 8 inches long, break them off and place them into another jar of water to root. When the sprouts are well-rooted, then it’s time for planting. Harden off the sprouts and plant when it’s warm out -May here in New Mexico, maybe June in the north. Happy sprouting! Jen

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3 Responses to Starting Sweet Potato Slips

  1. Moms Group says:

    Great advice! I have always wondered how to do this. Thanks!

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