Soy-Free Organic Chicken Feed

Attention Albuquerque area Chicken & Livestock folk, a new buying club is starting up to place orders with Countryside Natural Products. They sell soy-free organic livestock feeds and other supplements.

I have been buying my Thorvin Kelp from them. Love it but the shipping is costly. This buying club will be a great way to save us all some money on excellent products that aren’t available locally. Send me an email if you want to place an order. Jen

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2 Responses to Soy-Free Organic Chicken Feed

  1. Matt says:


    I was wondering if you are still ordering organic feed in bulk. I work with a small non-profit and we have an urban farm with chickens. Please contact me at 266-3590. Thanks!


  2. alex d says:

    heyy.. has some of the healthiest chicken feed

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