Urban Homesteading, Livestock and Land Use Laws

I got an email recently from Abigail Blodgett, a Sustainable Land Use Fellow with the University of Oregon Environmental and Natural Resources Law (ENR) Program.

She told us about a recently completed white paper that advocates for making changes to local land use laws in order to allow urban homesteaders to raise microlivestock on their properties.

Vida says she counts as micro-livestock!

The paper describes the importance of local food systems, explains the benefits of and care required for different kinds of livestock, and has a model ordinance at the end of the paper. Here is a link to both the white paper and the news story announcing its release:

White paper: http://enr.uoregon.edu/docs/whitepaper.pdf
News story: http://enr.uoregon.edu/news/

Thanks, Abigail, for sharing this valuable work!

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1 Response to Urban Homesteading, Livestock and Land Use Laws

  1. deborah stanley says:

    Hi, next year I am going to be traveling to mny eco-villages and permaculture farms, I will also be looking for land in New Mexico and would love a stop by at your farm.
    I live in the foothills of the Sierra’s-Grass Valley/Nevada City and we have a strong local farms and herbalists, raw milk, & permaculture community.
    I love my nettles and purselane and eating organic from my garden .
    Into Heirlooms.
    Into herbs.
    Love and compassion and substainability-living simple.

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