Goat Milk Soap Now Available at Sunstone

goat milk soap photo

We handcraft our goat milk soap in small batches using raw goat milk from our trio of sassy Alpine dairy goats: Tosca, Desdemona and Betty!

Luscious goat milk soap made with fresh milk from our goats and honey from our bees is now available for sale at sunstoneherbs.com.

We hand cut each bar and package them in a simple compostable brown paper bag. We aim for minimal packaging to reduce our environmental footprint. Due to the handcrafted nature, each bar will be uniquely shaped.

We use no fragrance oils or perfume oils in our soap. Fragrance oils are often synthetic, and we like to keep our soap as pure and environmentally friendly as possible. The only scent comes from the honey and the goat milk. Many people with sensitive skin tell us that they love our gentle soap. Try it and see for yourself!

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2 Responses to Goat Milk Soap Now Available at Sunstone

  1. zara says:

    Hi, do you use lye in your soap?

  2. Hi Zara, Yes, we use lye in our soap. You MUST use lye in soap to make soap. No lye, no soap. Some people say they don’t use lye in their soap, but really, what’s happening is they’re buying already saponified oils (the lye is used to saponify the oils in the soap). So lye was used to produce their soap, but someone else handled the lye part for them.

    Glycerin soaps are an example of this. Glycerin is a by-product of soap-making (using lye), but commercial manufacturers skim off the glycerin and distill it and sell as a separate soap -it was still made with lye. Homemade soaps have the glycerin still contained within them.

    When lye is mixed with the oils is undergoes a chemical transformation and is no longer a harsh caustic chemical, it becomes….soap! And it’s much more gentle than any detergent bars you can buy in the store.


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