FREE Workshop on Food Preservation Saturday!

Join me tomorrow, Saturday the 18th, for a FREE workshop on Preserving the Harvest. I’ll cover cold storage, lacto-fermentation, drying and preserving with vinegars and oils. Plus I’ll share a few tips on freezing produce to last till next season and quick canning. 10am at the Hubbell House on Isleta Blvd. (south of Gun Club). Note that I have cancelled next weekend’s class on Fermentation here on the farm, so this is your last chance this year to learn all my tips for fermenting. Hope to see you there! Jen

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2 Responses to FREE Workshop on Food Preservation Saturday!

  1. zara says:

    Wow wish I were in the area-I have done some of this but would always like to learn more!
    By the way do you make your soap without lye?
    Keep up the good work-look forward to meeting you et. all when I’m out in the area.
    We have an active group of farmers out here that are working together to create substainability and a post-petroleum economy.
    A lot of Steiner, permaculture, and Weston Price put into action.

  2. Hi Zara, Thanks for your kind wishes.

    Yes, we use lye in our soap. You MUST use lye in soap to make soap. No lye, no soap. Some people say they don’t use lye in their soap, but really, what’s happening is they’re buying already saponified oils (the lye is used to saponify the oils in the soap). So lye was used to produce their soap, but someone else handled the lye part for them.

    Glycerin soaps are an example of this. Glycerin is a by-product of soap-making (using lye), but commercial manufacturers skim off the glycerin and distill it and sell as a separate soap -it was still made with lye. Homemade soaps have the glycerin still contained within them.

    When lye is mixed with the oils is undergoes a chemical transformation and is no longer a harsh caustic chemical, it becomes….soap! And it’s much more gentle than any detergent bars you can buy in the store.


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