Herbalism 101 this weekend

There are just a few spaces left for the Herbalism 101 workshop series starting on Sunday, May 22, 10am-12:30pm.

If you are interested in learning more about keeping you and your family healthy, naturally, using plants you can harvest from your garden, join us on the farm, once a month for six months for a series of fun workshops.

Each class we take an herb walk around the gardens, harvest something & prepare different herbal medicines, sample different herbal teas. I share favorite formulas and herbs for common ailments (allergies, colds/flus, etc.). Each class we focus on one particular type of herbal medicine (tinctures or salves, etc.) and one or two body systems (e.g. digestive, skin, nervous system, etc.).

Poppies! California Poppies!

You’ll also learn how to recognize quality herbs, how to harvest, dry and store herbs, and how much you need to take for various ailments.

The classes are $35 each or $180 for all 6 classes if you pay in full by the first class. You can get complete registration details on our website. We also have a work exchange position open if you have a love of digging bermuda grass & weeding!

Hope to see you on the farm!

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