Local Winter Vegetables and Meat in Albuquerque

Got potatoes? Squash? Beef? Pork? If not, two farmers in our bioregion will be making deliveries in the next few weeks.

Kristen from Boxcar Farms will be making her annual wholesale heirloom potato/squash delivery on Nov. 13. Don’t miss out on your chance to stock up on her gorgeous spuds and squash! Email Kristen for full variety/cost details: kristen@boxcarfarm.com

Local pasture-raised meats are hard to find in Albuquerque (not impossible, but difficult!). Pork especially. Thankfully Kretsinger Farm from southern Colorado will be making their monthly delivery in Albuquerque on November 18, and in Santa Fe and Taos on November 19. Contact Trudi for her complete price list and drop off times/locations.

Retail cuts of NM beef, lamb and local poultry can also be found at La Montanita Coop.

Albuquerque peeps: who’s your favorite farmer for beef and pork and poultry?

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1 Response to Local Winter Vegetables and Meat in Albuquerque

  1. Thank you for posting this, we were looking for more local meats!

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