Choosing a Garden Hose Reel

Watering is essential for the health and maintenance of your garden. Therefore, you need a garden hose reel to make your watering schedule easy and convenient. However, there are many products available in the market. With this, you must choose the best garden hose reel that can match your needs and standards.

Choosing a Garden Hose Reel

To help you get the right garden hose reel you can use in your garden, the following are essential factors you must consider before buying.

How To Choose A Garden Hose Reel

  • Portability

One crucial factor in buying your garden hose reel is its portability. By having a portable garden hose reel, you can easily carry it wherever you need it. If you have a huge garden, you must have a portable garden hose reel. You can use it in cleaning the garage and watering your plants.

  • Hose Length

Another important thing to consider is the hose length. Garden hoses come in various lengths, so you must choose the best length that can satisfy your needs. In getting the right length of garden hose, know your garden’s length as well as the distance of the water source.

  • Durability

Most gardeners look for the durability of the garden hose reel. If you want to save more of your money, you need to get a durable one.

  • Materials

The durability of the hose reel can depend on the materials used in its manufacturing process. Therefore, you also need to check the materials of the product. There are various materials used in making hose reels such as die-cast aluminum, polyurethane, rubbers, synthetic, steel, wrought iron, and more.

  • Diameter

Diameter is another factor you must look for in your garden hose reel. Know the amount of water pressure you wish the reel hose to offer to determine the diameter of the product.

  • Additional accessories

It is also an advantage to look for additional accessories. With this, you can get the accessories that can make your watering activities more convenient and easy. So, you can keep your garden healthy.

  • Cost

You can also consider the cost of the garden hose reel that you’re going to purchase. Choose the product that perfectly suits your budget. With this, you have the assurance that you can get the garden hose reel that can provide good value for your money.

  • Consider your individual needs

In addition to the factors mentioned above, it is also necessary to consider your needs in buying your garden hose reel. You can prefer for expandable watering hose if you need light watering. On the other hand, you can choose the standard size for a reel hose if you need to water a huge garden area.

Types of Garden Hose Reel

There are different types of garden hose reels that you can choose from in the market. These include the following:

  • Hose trolley

Hose trolley is a portable type of hose reel. It comes with an adjustable handle to fit the size you need. It can be easily moved from one water point to another.

  • Wall-mounted reel

Wall mounted hose reel

This type is attached to the wall with a fixing plug on the wall surface. It can be installed near your water source and can be moved easily.

  • Automatic reel

If you don’t want to waste your time in your watering activity, an automatic reel is the best option for you.

Maintenance of Your Garden Hose Reel

Keep in mind that different types of garden hose reels can’t handle the sun. With that, you must not leave it lying out, especially during hot days. In addition, make sure to drain the water out of the hose after every use. Wind up your hose correctly to avoid it from being bent and twisted.

You need to be responsible for the maintenance of your garden hose reel to prolong its efficiency. It can also help you to save more from buying a replacement if it gets damaged.


If you want to get a good garden hose reel, make sure to follow the tips mentioned above. With the right and quality garden hose reel, you can enjoy more convenient and easier watering for the health and maintenance of your garden.

A garden hose reel is an important piece of equipment to keep your gardening easier. Get your efficient garden hose reel today!

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