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How to Prepare Soil for Tomatoes?

So many of us love eating tomatoes or using it in our food. But, buying tomatoes can cost a lot of money. And, there are people that have tried to plant tomatoes, but they are failing with growing tomatoes successfully, … Continue reading

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NM Native Pollinator Pocket Guides

My favorite entomologist, Dr. Tess Grasswitz, has published new and FREE guides to beneficials in New Mexico. They are available for download from NMSU’s website and have great photos and descriptions. Go to the above link and scroll to the bottom of … Continue reading

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Local Winter Vegetables and Meat in Albuquerque

Got potatoes? Squash? Beef? Pork? If not, two farmers in our bioregion will be making deliveries in the next few weeks. Kristen from Boxcar Farms will be making her annual wholesale heirloom potato/squash delivery on Nov. 13. Don’t miss out on your … Continue reading

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Last Workshops at Sunstone for the Year this Week!

Our workshop series is rapidly coming to a close for the year. It’s been a fun season meeting so many people! Here are details for the last workshops I will be teaching in 2010. This Wednesday, October 13, I will be … Continue reading

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Beneficials in the Garden: Yellow Garden Spiders

I was just asking Tree if she had noticed any of my favorite black and yellow garden spiders in the garden this year. I hadn’t noticed any Argiope guaranties (even their name is gorgeous) and missed seeing their big sturdy … Continue reading

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Starting Sweet Potato Slips, Part 2

Back in February, I wrote about how to start your own sweet potato slips for planting. You put your sweet potatoes in water. Et voila! They grow roots and shoots. Now what? The next step is to gently break off the shoots … Continue reading

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