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Float-Rope Doormats

I rarely post product reviews, but I am so happy with these doormats from the Maine Float-Rope Company, and they’re made in the United States, and they are made with recycled float rope, the repurposing of which helps keep our … Continue reading

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First Pizzas From Our Cob Oven

We still need to put the finish coat on our cob oven, but we decided to fire it up on this beautiful day and make a couple of pizzas for lunch. To see how we built this oven, read our … Continue reading

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With a Little Help from My Friends

I have many skills. Carpentry is not one of them. This is why I am thankful for friends with skills. Namely, I’m thankful for Aaron May who spent a lot of time at our place in 2010 making it more … Continue reading

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ME/CFS Video Tribute

I came across this video of a beautiful song by Cinder Bridge that pays tribute to people living with undiagnosed ME/CFS (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for you acronymally challenged). Footage for the video was donated by members of Phoenix Rising, … Continue reading

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Friends at Amyo Farms are adding a CSA to their Farmers Markets bounty. If you’re not growing your own veggies, give them a try. Only $25 a week for a gorgeous box of goodness!

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Weeds Becoming Resistant to Roundup? No Big Surprise There!

A recent report published by the Institute of Science in Society discusses glyphosate resistance in weeds.  From the report: In regions of the USA where transgenic glyphosate resistant crops dominate, there are now evolved glyphosate-resistant populations of the economically damaging … Continue reading

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Future of Food on Hulu

So glad to see that this MUST SEE movie is now available to watch for FREE on Hulu!

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