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Trouble Emailing Us? Tales of SPAM and Other Computer Woes

For the past several days, I have been inundated with thousands upon thousands of spam emails. After 15 plus years of emailing, my email has finally been hijacked. If you’ve sent us an email recently and haven’t received a response, … Continue reading

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Happy Imbolc!

Happy Imbolc! Imbolc is an ancient celtic (or pre-celtic) holiday celebrating the lengthening daylight, marking the halfway point between winter solstice and spring equinox and honoring the goddess Brigid. Today I’ll be planting lettuce, kale and arugula seeds in the … Continue reading

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Looking Back and Giving Thanks

2009 was the first year since moving to New Mexico in late 2007 that we had abundantly producing gardens. It was a joy to have vegetables, fruits and herbs from the garden again. The grocery store just can’t compete with … Continue reading

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Autumn at Sunstone

The sun shines brilliant the golden autumn leaves of the Cottonwood tree. A storm hides the Sandia Mountains usually visible in the background. Though this photo doesn’t do the apricot tree justice (it’s a day or two before prime color), … Continue reading

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Jen featured in Albuquerque Journal

Jen was featured in yesterday’s Albuquerque Journal in an article called Healing Essentials. You may need to click on the link for a trial pass to read it. -Tree

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Eggs for Sale

Enjoy the incomparable taste of eggs grown from a backyard flock. These are no anemic store bought eggs. Our happy hens freely range with our goats, dining on grains, goat milk, bugs and weeds so their yolks are deep yellow … Continue reading

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Spring at Sunstone

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